Hi Engage,


I hope you are well and back on dry land?! If I haven’t already, I wanted the opportunity to say a MASSIVE THANK YOUfor your help, support and appearances at CarFest this summer. Both events had particular challenges that we had to overcome and it was good to know that I had a strong team (of you guys) to carry on with the festival with all things considered.

We’ve been overwhelmed with people’s praise, comments and positivity which I’d like to share with you but I think this article is an amazing summary of our achievements.





Dear Engage,


I just wanted to say a belated but huge thank you and your Engage Circus colleagues for taking part in the summer camp and CarFest in general. I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet you in person but it really means a lot to me and Rock the Cotswolds that you gave up your time and I hope you enjoyed it too. Nicky’s posted a blog on the Rock the Cotswolds website.





Review of “Engage” performance in Bream Church on Friday 20th March 2015

I hope there weren’t any forest sheep in Bream Church on Friday night, because they

would have learned how to roll over sheep grids! This skill was expertly

demonstrated by “Little Big Tops”, a group of small children from “Engage”,

Artspace Cinderford’s Youth Circus. A line of small children dressed as sheep lay

side by side and rolled, whilst another was propelled across the top. The sheep were

rounded up by a pair of unicyclists; mountain-bike tyres facilitating the effortless

movement over mats – and, hopefully, no small sheeps’ fingers! There was a lot of

rolling and somersaulting during this evening, continued by the junior section and

then the seniors.


The sturdy church beams were used to hang trapeze, ropes and silks, and we were

entertained by the amazing skills of this group of young people aged from 5-19 years.

The standard was incredibly high, particularly with the seniors who delighted the

audience with amazing stunts, graceful poses and comedy clowning. Suitable music

was used to add mood to each act, and, most importantly, everyone was having

tremendous fun!


Between sections, a double-act - a cheeky small boy dressed as ring master with top

hat and tails, and an older boy - happily ad-libbed, amusing and enchanting us whilst

ropes and mats were prepared for the next act which swiftly materialised, keeping the

pace going.


The strength and grace of the performers was impressive, and they made everything

look so easy, even though we were aware that most of the rest of us wouldn’t even be

able to hold our own body weight up!


There were no fancy costumes, apart from a selection of bowler hats, the sheep, some

clowny outfits and some painted faces. Most were wearing T-shirts, leggings and

shorts, and this added to the no-nonsense, relaxed style of the performers. I’ve

discovered that juggling looks so cool! The main thing is to look relaxed and without

effort, and if you drop, you just pick up and carry on!


It was lovely to see the range of ages together, older children helping the younger

ones, many of them giving their time during the weeks to teach the junior sessions.

Bream Church made an intimate venue. I couldn’t help but imagine how amazing

some of these acts would look with some proper lighting!


The highly entertaining and inspiring evening concluded with human towers, smallest

atop of course!


Credit goes to Khan, Andy and Sally for their direction. Artspace is a charity, doing

wonderful work with many groups of people. They deserve any money they can get!